"My Story"

Hello. My name is Peter Rodgers. In April I developed a dry cough and chest pains. I didn't need hospitalization, but it seems that I'm one of the 1 in 20 that just can't shake it.

In my experience, you really don't want this.

I'm a technologist/inventor. Around mid-May, as I recovered, I had an idea how I could contribute to slow the spread of COVID-19.

I asked myself: What is the simplest possible technology to put queues in cyberspace so that people can keep apart safely and not have to waste their time standing in line.

OurSafeQ is the answer.

I was determined that it should be exceptionally simple and that it must work for everyone - even those without any technology or who have disabilities. Here's a very short demo...

OurSafeQ is exceptionally simple and it works for everyone – even those without technology. It is a pure scalable web solution. Anyone with any model of phone, tablet, laptop can use it. It is not an app, therefore uses almost no mobile data and does not track users.

I personally hate freemium products that bombard users with advertisements, so OurSafeQ will always be ad-free. Additionally, in an age where data privacy is unheard of, I can guarantee that OurSafeQ is 100% anonymous.

I created OurSafeQ to help lives, not make money. However, I do have to be able to cover operational costs. OurSafeQ is free for a basic queue which meets a small business’s needs. There are value added paid tiers on a pay-per-use rate at pennies per hour. If your business is able to, please choose a penny-plan to help me support the operational costs of other businesses that are suffering.

I want to be upfront about this model, rather than do the usual dot com thing of giving it away and then sell out the user data. [Of course, if governments want to run this as a public utility please get in touch.]

To get started watch or read the guides and create an account. It literally takes 10 seconds to be up and running.

There are countless ways OurSafeQ can help in retail, medical, food and hospitality sectors - from door queues at takeaways, to toilet queues in restaurants, to waiting comfortably in your car for your turn at a store, to keeping apart from others when attending the Doctors or Hospital.

I feel sure that when you see it you'll "get it" and that this will inspire any number of creative ways to keep everyone safe and make all our lives a little more pleasant.

I can't wait to hear the creative ways you find to use OurSafeQ.

Keep safe.
Wear your mask.
Pleasant queuing.
18th June 2020