Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Only the most recent version, online at oursafeq.com/tos, will govern interaction between relevant parties. Users will be notified of changes by email sent to the address linked to their account. When joining a queue, the Terms are linked at the top with the last updated date; Shoppers are responsible for checking for new changes thereby. Any and all usage of OurSafeQ (“OSQ”) constitutes understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions herein, you should not use the service. If you have questions, contact us at customerservice@oursafeq.com or @oursafeq on Twitter.


User: entities that create, have, and manage queues, especially but not necessarily commercial and organizational entities with physical locations Shopper: individuals who utilize OSQ by entering and exiting queues for the purpose of interacting with users Owners: includes all companies involved in the creation, operation, sales, management, etc. of OSQ, namely: Tato LLC and 1060 Research Intellectual Property (IP): including any patent, trademark, service mark, copyright, feature or functionality of OSQ, moral right, right in a design, know-how and any other intellectual or industrial property rights in any country, registered or not.

Terms of Usage

Users Users will only create queues for legitimate business or operational purposes of the entity the queue represents. This prohibition includes creating queues for businesses, organizations, or other entities that do not exist or for ones for whom the creator of the queue is not an agent. Queues found to be in violation of this term will be removed. Shoppers Shoppers will only enter queues for entities that they intend to visit or patronize and for good faith purposes. Shoppers are not permitted to enter queues for the purpose of blocking them, increasing the number of people in the queue, or damaging the business operations of the User associated with the queue. Shoppers may take one ticket per patron unless the User being patronized specifies other rules.


Users and Shoppers are free to terminate participation in OSQ at any time. OSQ maintains the right to close any queue that violates the Usage Rules described above. While OSQ does not collect data (per the privacy policy), if complaints are repeatedly made by harmed parties of queues being utilized (created, entered, etc.) for bad faith purposes, including preventing a business from operating, OSQ will investigate and enact penalties.


By using this service, Users and Shoppers acknowledge the following: OSQ and its Owners are not responsible for any damage to or loss of tangible, intangible, or potential assets, equity, health, etc., including reputational damage or loss of potential customers, related or unrelated to the use, operation, or existence of OSQ. OSQ and its Owners are not liable for Shoppers or employees of Users falling ill, whether from COVID-19 or any other disease. Proper usage of OSQ may reduce the risk of transmitting disease by allowing for greater social distancing, but it does not eliminate the risk. It does not reduce the risk of falling ill within stores, offices, and other enclosed spaces that have or utilize queues. Users and Shoppers are responsible for protecting their own health and adhering to best practices related to health, such as mask wearing and social distancing. OSQ and its Owners are not liable for anything resulting from misuse, as described under Terms of Use, of its service, or from the behavior of Users, Shoppers, or third parties.

Intellectual Property

The Owners maintain all ownership of intellectual property rights associated with OurSafeQ, including those not explicitly granted herein. Users and Shoppers have a personal, non-transferable, revocable license to access and use the site to use OSQ according to their subscription type (as applicable to Users) via the website. Users and Shoppers are not entitled to download or copy OurSafeQ, its software, its visual IP, or any and all IP of NetKernel. No ownership is claimed over the names, logos, and other trademarks of Users that are displayed or otherwise used in the service. By choosing to create and/or utilize a queue, Users understand that IP belonging to them that they choose to add to their queue will be displayed on the OurSafeQ website. This IP will not be used for any purposes except those explicitly described when the IP is uploaded except with written permission of the Users. OSQ serves as a platform, not a publisher, with respect to User IP. NetKernel is a registered trademark of 1060 Research.


Please see the OSQ Privacy Policy.

Payment Structure

Shoppers use OSQ for free. Users may create queues for free or under published subscription types. Free queues expire every 24 hours but can be recreated daily. Custom feature development is available by contacting sales@oursafeq.com.

Privacy Policy

OurSafeQ is a fully anonymous platform, and no data is retained after a Shopper’s use of or participation in a queue is complete. No data is accessed except as required for finding and participating in queues, namely current location of device accessing OSQ. OSQ calls the Shopper’s device’s browser to identify longitude and latitude, which requires permission granted on the device. This data is accessed to identify nearby queues but not stored or recorded thereafter. No Shopper personal data is shared with Users. The only information Users get about Shoppers is their ticket number, which is anonymous. The only data collected from Users is email address for account sign-in. OSQ does not store User credit card details or billing address. All billing related information is stored by Square, Inc. Beyond the data that Users explicitly choose to share with and potentially display on OSQ (including address, phone number, name, logo, etc.), OSQ collects and retains no data from Users without explicit permission. No data is shared with third parties. OSQ uses Google Analytics tools to track overall site traffic but not specific queues. This is fully anonymized and standard across the World Wide Web.