Getting Started Guide

YouTube Short Video Guides

This is a series of very short videos showing how to use, create and manage your queues and lines. You'll see that you can be up and running your first queue in under ten seconds.

This is the playlist in YouTube.

If you prefer to read the details, here's a step-by-step guide...

Step 1. Create a queue/line

From inside your account, click "Create Queue".

You will be asked to provide a short easy to recognize name. This name is how people will know it's your line.

Set an operator password - this is the password your trusted line operators will use to manage the queue/line.

Step 2. Go to the location of the line and create it

Go to the physical place you want the queue to be. As soon as you press "Create Queue" your queue is instantly activated and you will be immediately redirected to your new queue/line.

Step 3. You are Done. What the public see

Your queue is now active. You have been redirected and you are seeing what your customers can see.

Customers can see how many people are in line. Just like at a Deli counter they need to take a ticket.

Our Zero-click-queueTM technology means anyone who is within the physical radius of your queue will automatically find it when they go to OurSafeQ Try it. (for US and other countries you can also use OurSafeLine).

So the first way to tell your customers where your virtual line is, is to just say "Use" (in US "Use").

We're using standard mobile browser technology, so there is no need for your customers to install an app. Queueing is simple, has no barrier to entry, is anonymous and safe for your customers.

Step 4. Take a Ticket

This is what your customer sees when they take a ticket.

The customer ticket has a number. It is active and gives a realtime count of how many people are waiting ahead of them. The customer will be told when it's their turn.

Step 5. Pass

When you activate a ticket (to let them in your premises), the customer's ticket will automatically turn into a pass.

You can ask them to show you their pass at any time. It has a barcode for validation, and is active - asking the customer to press "validate" will prove it's genuine.

Step 5. Sharing the Virtual Line

Anyone looking at your virtual line can instantly share it with someone else - either by sharing the link location in their browser, or even easier, by displaying a QRCode. Anyone that scans the code will find your queue.

The second way for you to advertise your virtual queue is to print the QRCode and put it near your entrance - or anywhere else where you want people to discover your line.

Step 5. Managing Your Line

You and your operators can bring up the queue management view at any time by double tapping in the panel at the bottom (see image below). Your operators can use their own phone or a tablet, a PC - anything with a web-browser.

Step 6 Operator Password

To access the operator view, your operators will need to provide the line password you set when you created the line. Your operators do not need an account. You need to trust your employees - but it's good practice to change your line password from time to time from your account.

Step 7. Operator View

The line management tools provide a view of the tickets in the queue/line. They also provide the set of currently active tickets (i.e., people you have allowed into your premisses).

Step 8. Operator View of Ticket

When an operator presses a queue ticket, they have two options - activate the ticket or tear it up.

Step 10. Active Tickets

An activated ticket is immediately moved to the active list. (here we activated ticket 6). For convenience they can click "Bump Queue" at the bottom to activate the ticket at the head of the queue.

Step 11. Tear Up

When a customer has been served, or they didn't show, you click the active ticket and tear it up.

No Technology No Problem

Some customers won't have a phone, might struggle to find your line etc. We've got that covered.

An operator can issue a "physical ticket" and tell the customer their ticket number (write it down for them or just ask them to remember). Physical tickets are darker when seen in the management tool.

When your operator admits a physical ticket they need to let them know - yell "Come in number 32" or chalk it up on a whiteboard etc.

Either way - virtual or physical - your line is managed and fair and safe for all your customers.

Close Management Tools

Click the cross icon in the top right corner to close down the management view and return to the public view of your virtual line.

Upgrade your line.

A basic account gives you a single free queue/line. For security, free lines expire after 24 hours. If your free line is expired, you can simply restart it in your account.

You can upgrade your line at any time to make it permanent, to add your logos, to change radius etc.

In addition to self-serve options, we have Enterprise plans - including SLA and API for embedding in corporate app etc. Please contact to discuss your needs.